fish feed packager

Fish Feed Packaging Machine

Introduction to Pellet Packing Machine
Pellet packing is usually the last step in pellet production line. Pellet packing done by manpower will decrease labor intensity and working efficiency in large scale production. Here you can opt pellet packing machine also named weighing and bagging pellet machine, which can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity and satisfy the needs of large-scale production and meet hygiene requirements. Our electronic packing machine is applicable to intelligent packaging of quantitative granules in food, grain, sugar, animal feeds and so on.

Features of Pellet Packing Machine
♦ Reasonable structure and attractive appearance
♦ Stable performance and high measuring accuracy, easy to install, operate and maintain
♦ Equipped with digital display screen, built-in PLC control system to realize automatic packing
♦ Adopt the imported sensor and pneumatic implementation mechanism which makes the work reliable, the maintenance easy. Double feeding way: pneumatic valve feeding and belt feeding
♦ Adopt automatic clamping device for weighing and infinite frequency conversion technology
♦ Adopt import stainless steel for a high hygiene standards, corrosion resistance, and a long service life
♦ The computer interface adopts electronic screen or LCD touch-sensitive screen for customer’s demand
♦ Wide application: pellet packing machine is the versatile machine. It can weigh and pack pellets in pellet plant, sugar processing industry and many other industries. The quantitative packaging of powder in food, flour, fodder, chemical industry etc. is also available.


Composition of Fish Feed Packaging Machine

Pellet packing machine is mainly composed of these parts: storage bin, automatic weighing device, transmission device, sewing device and electric control system.
Storage bin: It is used to take over feed pellets or other granulated materials and store them temporarily for further weighing processing.
Automatically weighing device: It can automatically weigh pellets with capacity of the setting data. The capacity can be from 5 to 50 kg. Pellet weighing by the sensor.
Sewing device: It is used to seal bags after pellets are weighed and poured into the bags.
Transmission device: It is used to transmit the packed pellets bags away from the pellet weighing and packing machine.
Control system: It is the brain of the pellet packing machine. All working steps of the package machine are under the control of electric control system. With the control system, the packing machine works automatically and accurately.

Working Principle of Fish Feed Packaging Machine
The significant flowing process of pellet packing are as follows:


Manual bag placement→Auto filling→Auto weighting→Auto bag conveyor→Auto bag sealed

Take 30kg pellets packing for example. You just need to input 30kg as the net weight and place the ready bag to the outlet of the machine, then the automatic clamping device will clamp the bag close to the body of outlet. And the machine will automatic weighing and filling 30kg. When reaching the feeding setting, the material gate closes and feeding stops. The packing machine will then release entrained clamps after sort of delay. The bag automatically unload. Then, the matching belt conveyor will transport the filled bags to the sealing machine for sealing the bag top.
Tips and warnings:
● Because the computer weighs with continuous feeding, do not use bare hands or other outer weight to touch the packing bag in case of personnel injury or damage to the packing scale.
● Ensure that there are certain amount of materials in the surge bin in the normal production process, or it may affect the packing accuracy.

Technical Data of Pellet Packaging Machine

Weighing Range
Max Weighing
Bagging Speed
Bagging Precision
Air Pressure
Air Consumption
220V 50Hz/380V 60Hz
800*900*1900mm(2400mm including Storage Bin)