dry type fish feed extruder

Catfish Feed Pellet Line Was Exported to India

On 1st July, 2016, a fish feed processing plant was exported to India, the customer has a big aquatic feed production factory, this line includes fish feed crusher→fish feed mixer→feeding machine→twin screw fish feed extruder→conveyor→multi layer drying equipment→seasoning machine→pellets cooling machine→vibrating screen→pellets packaging machine. You can change different molds to make pellets with different diameters. The size range of fish feed pellet made by this line is 1-10mm. And it can process aquatic feed pellets for catfish, grass carp, crucian, tilapia, ornamental fish, soft-shelled turtle, bullfrog and so on.

fish feed production line

Here is the technological process for making catfish feed pellets: raw material crushing→raw material preparation→raw material mixing→transportation→feed expansion→transportation→pellets drying(electric oven, gas fired oven or steam oven)→oil spraying and seasoning(double drum seasoning system)→pellets cooling→screening→packaging.
The raw material could be grass powder 20%, fish meal 3%, soybean meal 20%, corn protein powder 20%, rice bran20%, wheat bran 10%, corn flour 5.5%, bone meal 1%, salt 0.5%.

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