How to Buy a Fish Feed Machine on Line

Aquaculture is currently the fastest developing food producing sector in the world, now accounts for almost 50% of the world’s food fish and is regarded as an income generating activity. However, fish feed makes fish farming expensive as fish feed account for at least 60% of the total cost of production. Hence many farmers tend to buy a fish feed making machine to produce own fish feed, lowering the cost.

Before buying a fish feed machine, people usually first shop on the internet to have an awareness of the machines. Countless machines on line from various companies are for sale, with different looking or similar looking. No matter which type of feed machine you decide to buy, the four tips should be taken into consideration.

I. Top Four Prerequisites

1. Quality
Quality is key, the heart of fish feed production. You should know the structure, materials that made of machine, fish feed quality and so on. To choose a fish feed machine with a CE certify is necessary.
2. Cost
The cost of purchasing a machine is also significant factor. The perfect thing is that you buy a suitable pellet mill from the manufacturers or suppliers with the lowest price. However, the cost and quality is directly proportional. You should clearly know your production demands, feed quality requirements and your budget, then choose the suitable one.
3. Operation
Operation is also the key element for buying a machine. Easy operation not only brings convenience due to no required professional utilization training but also lowers the maintenance costs caused by wrong operation to the minimum.
4. After-sale service
After-sale service is a crucial aspect prior to purchasing a machine. Excellent after-sale service can help you solve problems occurred in the operation. It’s better to choose pellet mills from a manufacturer or supplier who could provide satisfactory after sale service, any of your problem can be solved by a phone call or an email.

II. Problems With Most Feed Machine Re-sellers
Besides the above consideration, one thing you should know is that there are a large number of online retailers and other retailers now offering fish feed machines for customers to produce their own fish feed pellets. You should pay attention to these problems with most feed machine re-sellers or retailers to avoid wasting time and money.
1. Fish feed machines sold with inaccurate descriptions
The machine shown below is called “dry pelletizer”, which is offered by some retailers on the line. Its construction is primarily designed for small-scale production of wooden pellets made of wet sawdust. So this kind of equipment is obviously a complete waste of money if the aim is to make water stable or even floating feed.


2. No feed machine support provided
As many of the re-sellers have no experience in using the feed machines in general, they can provide no support to their customers on how to use the machine effectively.
3. Pellet mills re-sold with mark-up
Many fish feed machines sold online today have been through several re-sellers before they reach the final consumer. This means there has been a series of mark-ups placed on the price of the pellet machines, so each company makes a profit. The usual mark up for a re-seller is 30% over the purchase price. However, some re-sellers charge between 100% and 200% mark up on the purchase price of the equipment from the manufacturers, which doesn’t even include delivery.
Thereby you’d better not buy feed machine from re-sellers or retailers on line, and the most effective way to ensure cost-effective machines is to buy from machine manufacturers.

III. Analysis on Three Different Feed Machines Provided by Different Suppliers
There are plenty of manufacturers offering feed machines online, and we areone of the feed machine manufacturers, located in China. Before you visited our website, you may have visited other websites selling fish feed pellet making machines. Enter the phrase “fish feed machine” in Google, there are high rank websites on Google search results. Let’s analyze these following feed machines.
1. Clextral, the France fish feed machine manufacturer, is specialized in twin-screw technology. It provides turnkey processing lines that integrate extruders, dryers and ancillary equipment.
Product: twin-screw fish feed extruder


More consistency
Greater flexibility
Wide application
More expensive
Higher maintenance cost
More complicated operation

2. Andritz, the Australian company, is a globally leading supplier of aquafeed machines. Andritz designs and builds key process machines, but also offers complete plant solutions for the global aquatic feed industry.
Product: aquafeed machine



Reliable processing,
Cost efficiency, uniform quality
High-performance aquatic feed
Larger capacity
Small and medium scale pellet production is not recommended

3. we are the well known manufacturers and exporters of fish feed machines and turnkey fish feed production lines in China. Various models of feed machines are available suitable for small, medium or large scale feed production.
Product: fish feed extruder



Competitive price
Good quality
Long service life
Comprehensive thorough after-sale service
Short history
Advertising too little

IV. Conclusion
To buy a fish feed machine on line can offer you wide ways to get more information of various machines, which allows you to save much time and effort. However buying online is also not an easy thing. There is deep investigation that should be taken: browse their websites, youtube video, customers visit news, or trade cases as much as you can. When you communicate with the salesman online, please make sure if they are professional and skilled enough by asking technical questions. our fish feed machinery can satisfy customers in respect of fish feed machine quality, factory price, delivery time, specification, pre-sale and after-sale service. We have abundant successful online trading and due to good reputation, we have kept good cooperation with these consumers for years. And we have mastered large quantities of aquafeed production information in many countries, which will do great favor in your investment of aquafeed production!