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  • Fish Feed Production Line
    Fish Feed Production Line

    Our fish feed production line is equipped with advanced feed equipment, which can produce kinds of quality feed pellets for aquatic and pet feed. Super automation control, high production efficiency, our fish feed production line is the best choice.

  • Fish Feed Crusher
    Fish Feed Crusher

    Fish feed crusher is used for grinding raw materials into small pieces with proper sizes to prepare for fish feed extruder processing. There are 3 models provided in our factory for customers’ further choosing depend on their demands.

  • Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill
    Waterdrop Feed Hammer Mill

    Waterdrop hammer mill can grind grains such as corn, broomcorn, wheat, barley, bean and ground cakes and etc. into particle sizes with uniform fineness. It is favored by large and medium sized feed plant, food processing enterprise and etc..

  • Fish Feed Mixer
    Fish Feed Mixer

    Fish feed mixing machine is the critical equipment in fish feed production. Our feed blender, featured with single shaft & double ribbon, is mainly applied to mix powdery feed materials to ensure a high quality of compound feed in powder mixing.

  • Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder
    Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder

    Dry type fish feed extruder is the the specialist contributing to high quality floating fish feeds without steam conditioning of the raw material. Different molds are available to make pellets of different diameters (0.9-15mm) and shapes.

  • Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder
    Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder

    Wet type fish feed extruder, processing variety materials into quality aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc., is mainly employed in medium or large size feed processing factory and aquaculture farm.

  •  Fish Feed Dryer
    Fish Feed Dryer

    Mesh belt pellet drying machine is the equipment that placing the material on the conveyor belt with the accompanying motion by contact with hot air in the tunnel to drying. Simple structure, flexible configuration, easy installation and maintenance.

  • Oil Spraying Machine
    Oil Spraying Machine

    Azeus oil spraying machine is refitted from a horizontal ribbon mixer. It sprays atomized oil with high speed on the up and down surface of pellets, and the excessive oil can be recycled through filter.

  • Counterflow Pellet Cooler
    Counterflow Pellet Cooler

    Counter flow cooler is cooling type that commonly used in pellet industry currently with the direction of the air and product of pellets in opposing directions. Different capacities of pellet coolers are offered!

  •  Fish Feed Packaging Machine
    Fish Feed Packaging Machine

    The automatic weighing and packing machine is the versatile machine, widely employed in pellet plant, sugar processing industry and many other industries. For large-scale production, it is economical to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

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