Fish Feed Processing Plant | Pellet Machine for Sale in India
Complete set of catfish feed processing plant was exported to India. It is equipped with quality aquatic feed extruder on hot sale for floating fish feed pellet making.
fish feed processing plant, aquatic feed extruder in India, floating fish feed pellet machine for sale
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dry type fish feed extruder

Catfish Feed Pellet Line Was Exported to India

On 1st July, 2016, a fish feed processing plant was exported to India, the customer has a big aquatic feed production factory, this line includes fish feed crusher→fish feed mixer→feeding machine→twin screw fish feed extruder→conveyor→multi layer drying equipment→seasoning machine→pellets cooling machine→vibrating screen→pellets packaging machine. You can change different molds to make pellets with different diameters. The size range of fish feed pellet made by this line is 1-10mm. And it can process aquatic feed pellets for catfish, grass carp, crucian, tilapia, ornamental fish, soft-shelled turtle, bullfrog and so on.

fish feed production line

Here is the technological process for making catfish feed pellets: raw material crushing→raw material preparation→raw material mixing→transportation→feed expansion→transportation→pellets drying(electric oven, gas fired oven or steam oven)→oil spraying and seasoning(double drum seasoning system)→pellets cooling→screening→packaging.
The raw material could be grass powder 20%, fish meal 3%, soybean meal 20%, corn protein powder 20%, rice bran20%, wheat bran 10%, corn flour 5.5%, bone meal 1%, salt 0.5%.

fish feed machinery



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